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Haute Home // The Intersection of Fashion & Home: Jenna Lyons' SoHo Sanctuary

Khani Zulu | MCNE, CLHMS

LICENSE NUMBER #668914 Khani Zulu’s passion for real estate is as unique as her approach, offering clients a curated experience fueled by integrity,...

LICENSE NUMBER #668914 Khani Zulu’s passion for real estate is as unique as her approach, offering clients a curated experience fueled by integrity,...

Feb 22 4 minutes read

Stepping into a room and feeling its cozy atmosphere, welcoming design, and layout is a bit like stepping into someone's closet and trying on a pair of their shoes. It's a whole-body experience, it's a glimpse into their life, the way they live & express themselves; all connecting what we know about design and function in different areas of our lives. The connection between interior design and personal style & fashion is incredibly strong, as both play a significant role in sharing our personal stories and expressing our personalities.

In the world of design and fashion, some names shine brightly, and Jenna Lyons is undoubtedly one of them. Renowned as a creative genius, fashion maestra, & founder of the beauty brand LoveSeen, Jenna Lyons epitomizes the seamless fusion of style, beauty, and living. As she aptly puts it, "Fashion and home go hand in hand," and it's no wonder that her expansive loft in the heart of SoHo, New York, is as breathtaking and impressive as her illustrious career.


Ten years ago, when Jenna first acquired this space, it was a true artist's loft - raw and untamed, with off-kilter floors and timeworn ceilings. She embarked on a transformative journey, enlisting the expertise of interior architect Gray Davis from Meyer Davis. The result was a multi-year renovation that breathed new life into every nook and cranny, culminating in a perfect haven for Jenna and her son, Beckett, not to mention their beloved furry companion, Popeye.

Among the notable highlights of this extensive renovation was the exquisite transformation of the airy, light-filled bathroom. Here, black-and-white marble with bold veining wraps around, replacing all fixtures with unlacquered brass ones, creating a sophisticated yet inviting space. The custom-designed kitchen, which overlooks an oversized living room complete with a bespoke pink wrap-around sectional sofa, seamlessly integrates functionality with style and displays her personal style in every day. The end result is a well-collected and effortlessly chic space that showcases Jenna's discerning eye for design.

Jenna's career, which spanned nearly three decades at J. Crew, has fashion as her calling card. When designing her dream closet, visibility and accessibility were paramount. The closet boasts ample room for an impressive collection of shoes, while open-concept hanging racks ensure that her well-tailored outfits are readily available with just a glance. 

But what sets Jenna's home apart is her extensive collection of memorabilia, each piece teeming with its own unique story. From a copy of the Time 100 issue, in which she stood alongside Jay-Z, to the artfully collaged walls of her cleverly concealed water closet, these personal mementos infuse her home with history and character, making it an ultra-personal haven.

Jenna Lyons' loft is not just a home; it's a testament to the extraordinary synergy between fashion, design, and personal expression. In this immaculate space, we witness how she has artfully woven her creative spirit into every corner. It's a lesson in elevating the intersection of fashion and home, and it's an inspiration to all who appreciate the art of living well.

In our next "Haute Home" newsletter, we'll continue exploring the harmonious relationship between interiors, design, and fashion. Stay tuned for more inspiration and ideas to elevate your own living spaces.

With Love from ATX,

Khani Zulu Group

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